How To Determine Keyword Density When Writing Articles In Regard To SEO Standards

Many individuals nowadays are still sticking to the old rules of SEO density requirements:  the following article will address how this thinking may have the major search engines casting a discernible eye in their direction.

First and foremost the old line of thinking that you must provide a density requirement of two percent to three percent no longer applies.  The new thinking is to provide SEO density at a ratio of one to two percent.  This simply means if you were to write a five hundred word article you would want to inject keywords within the body of your content at minimum of five times and at maximum ten times.  This line of thinking holds true whether you are writing for the article directories or supplying content to your own static web pages or posting to your blog.  Anywhere you write on the web you will want to make certain your content does not lack as to information relative to the consumer who is reading it and hold the reins on too much keyword stuffing.  In order to test this theory read through your content and if it is full of redundancy as far as the keyword combos you have used then you may have overstuffed.

A nice neat approach in writing content and employed by many content writers as well as webmasters is as follows.  Write cognizant of the precise places you need to place your keywords however write as free form and natural as possible.  Place your keyword in the title of your article as well as two additional sub-headings within a five-hundred word article and once in the first paragraph as well as the last and you should be sufficiently keyword optimized.  Further your article will not come across as maxed out with keywords.  Overstuffing can prove to be so distracting that your audience actually misses the point of your article.  By inserting keywords each time within the locations described you merely have to truly concern yourself about incorporating significant keywords within two areas of the organic content and the other three areas of placement within titles and two subheadings.

Many times the keyword density ratio can be raised if you are constructing a point-by-point article where you are listing ways of how the consumer should perform particular tasks.  This will not appear nearly as obvious as when you are writing content within a straight informational format.  Therefore keep in mind you may insert your keyword a maximum of up to ten times within your article and a minimum of five times.  The ten insertions point to a density ratio of two percent for five hundred word articles and keywords inserted five times within content equals a density of one percent.