How To Keep Your Content Flowing And Your Keywords To A Minimum When Employing Proper SEO

Many webmasters as well as writers are not aware of the fact that the days of keyword density requirements of two to three percent in order to get along with the major search providers are over:  a density ratio of one to two percent is now the new standard.

The reason this may now be the case is that there are a great many more users on the net and the search engines are always changing their internal mechanisms or the way they search for particular keywords.  Also a very important fact is that the Internet has become more of a specialized venue.  In the early days of the net the way things were was that it was a one stop shop venue.  In example, a design firm may provide website designs for customers, keyword research and SEO.   This is still true of many design firms however that said the trend now moving toward specialization.

If we were to compare it to the brick and mortar world it would amount to this:  If you were to go to a standard mechanic to get your car repaired you may find a host of services including repair of your brakes, engine repair, transmission replacement, change and rotation of tires, and changing your oil.  In this regard you have come across a one-stop shop that provides many services all in one place.  However, let’s take it a step further and consider how the auto repair industry evolved into a marketplace of specialized venues:  There is a place to change your oil after every five to twelve thousand miles; a place that rebuilds transmissions or transmission repair shop; a place to buy tires where you can get worn ones replaced and so on and so forth.  In the brick and mortar world you do not merely find a place where you can have all of these varying services performed in one place and so it is on the Internet.  Now there are places that manage your PPC advertising campaign, will perform keyword research for you, and individually construct a website.

Also many sites are now branding themselves:  prior it was relatively essential you place your primary keyword within the title of your article however not so anymore: It is not essential if your focus is on branding your site.  In fact you will want to use your title in order to establish your online presence in this regard.  Branding by definition refers to when certain company names become household words such as Google or Yahoo: can you tell from the names they are search providers?  However practically every household is familiar with the fact these two companies are search engine companies.

Therefore, keep in mind no more keyword overstuffing:  nowadays it is about informational content with respect to the consumer niche you wish to address.