10 Link Building Ideas to Get Free Quality Links to Your Website

Generating links back to your Web site doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Using the following tips and tricks, you’ll be able to generate links from other sites that will benefit you with additional traffic and higher search engine ranking.

1. Build a “101 Ways To Do Stuff” list – These lists are continually posted on Digg and become very popular. “10 Easy Tips” lists are also a great way to create linkbacks to your site.

2. Become an authority by doing things right – Having domain knowledge in a given niche is a big asset. Grammar, spelling and easy to understand content are also keys to becoming an authority on any given topic. Also be sure to provide an easily viewed privacy policy. This creates trust in your site.

3. Create an experts list – Be sure to contact the experts and ask them to link to your site. If your list or article is flattering enough, they’ll probably be more than happy to do so.

4. Syndicate your articles – Use Web sites such as, GoArticles, EzineArticles, eHow, ConstantContent, etc. to get your articles syndicated and viewable by a larger audience. Good article sites rank very high on search engine pages and in turn the links within these articles help your Web site. By placing targeted content on these sites, the audience from the traffic that is generated from them will be much more likely to make purchases or use the services offered by your site.

5. Trade articles with other webmasters – People often forget that behind most Web sites is an actual human being. Contacting this person could be your inroad to new links to your site.

6. Social bookmarking on tag related sites such as Digg and Del.icio.us can generate traffic to your site. If the content of the articles and sites that you tag is compelling enough, people will be interested in following links back to your site.

7. Create links from classified ad sites such as Craigslist. Most of these types of Web sites provide free listings and the ability to link within those listings.

8. Answer questions on Google Groups or Yahoo! Answers – Within your answers provide links to relevant content or resources. Of course, these resources and content are housed within your Web site.

9. Signature links within forums are an excellent place to provide links to your Web site. If you post to these forums frequently, you’ll generate targeted traffic.

10. Create a blog and post to it frequently – Be sure that you use relevant and up-to-date content in your posts. By doing this, you can create links back to your Web site and generate traffic from links that other people post.

These are just ten of the possibilities for generating free links back to your Web site. With a bit of research and effort, you can search out and find even more information on free ways to generate links back to your site. In turn, you’ll watch your site traffic grow on a daily basis and sales of your products or services will increase.