Basic SEO Still Important

The basic techniques behind SEO, or search engine optimization, will likely always remain important for best SERPs (search engine results pages). The goal of search engines is to present results of queries that are as relevant to the query as possible. Increasing a page’s position in the SERPs can be as simple as reviewing the basic SEO techniques applied to that page.

Keywords are perhaps the most important consideration for SEO. Ranking high in the SERPs for the wrong keywords is just vanity. Utilizing tools on the web, such as Google’s keyword tool will help provide the desired keywords. While the entire site needs to be optimized for all of the desired keywords, individual pages need only be optimized for a few.

Keyword placement is equally important. The keywords need to be present in the meta-data, title, the headings, and within the content as well. While the meta tags in the HEAD section of the page are said to be largely deprecated by Google, other search engines are said to utilize them. However, Google and others do display the description meta-tag for the link description on the SERPs, and that description can be quite an effective lure for the surfers querying the engine. The title tag, also in the HEAD section of the page, should also have as many keywords appropriate to the content as can naturally be included. Keyword stuffing the title tag will only hurt both the SERP, the readers eyes, and possibly the site’s ranking altogether, so natural is de rigeur. The content, if possible, should be broken into sections by headings, and those headings, like the title, should also contain as many appropriate keywords as naturally possible. The content itself must contain as many of the keywords in as much density as is naturally possible. Again, keyword stuffing will ultimately lead to penalties by the search engines, but two to five percent is usually quite effective when applied with other SEO techniques.

Links are gold, if they’re to and from good neighborhoods and related to the content on the page as well, but they are golden to search engines with relevant anchor text. Keywords need to be in the anchor text and almost as important within the alternate text for links. Further, internal linking is almost as important as external linking, and external linking is almost as important as inbound links. Finally, the link text, anchor text and alternate text all needs to be natural.

While arguably the top three basic techniques, these techniques by themselves will greatly impact the SERPs for a page as well as the page’s site. Indeed, as a site matures and evolves, keywords can change as can links, so it is advantageous to review the SEO that has already been implemented.

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