How to Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

A lot of webmasters get frustrated when search engines change algorithms on a regular basis. However, there are some basic principles that don’t change, at least in years. If you apply the tips, you will be guaranteed of improving your search engine rankings hugely.

–         Avoid changing domain names too quickly. Google for example has this aging delay tactic for each new domain that it can take your domain name up to a year to get the keywords recognized in the search engines

–         Optimize the website for the target audience and not particularly for the search engines. Always put your website users first and think of the impression it will have on them.

–         Conduct an extensive keyword research – all else revolves round the choice of your keywords and phrases hence it’s very critical to select the best of the best.

–         Based on the results of your keyword research, design and even categorize the navigation and architecture of your website on that. Optimize your homepage for more general keyword phrases and the other inner pages for specific keywords. If you can, let the keyword phrases be your navigation words.

–         Your internal text links and all clickable image ALT attributes should be labeled as secretively as possible. As for the text links in the website, the phrases that tell about the pages one is clicking to should be used while the phrases that have the image codes should be used in case of image links.

–         Come up with convincing copies of the key pages of your website based on your selected keywords. Select a few keywords that are in line with a certain page that you’re working on and make your copy from them

–          Your keyword phrase should also feature in the title tag of each page. Search engines give some considerable weight to title tags.

–         Ensure you have a ‘link-worthy’ website because such engines will also categorize your website by the amount of links that it has. To ensure you get links from other websites, you have to have something worthy to offer them.

–         Optimize each of your keywords for all the pertinent phrases and don’t be tied down to one phrase or keyword.

Ensure your website is ‘crawler-friendly’ since search engines will use ‘crawlers’ to collect info from your website to be able to know how to rank it. This you do by creating links using HTML and not using JavaScript because ‘crawlers’ aren’t designed to read JavaScript. You can also make a site crawler-friendly by not designing it in Flash as crawlers can’t read it too hence will not be able to categorize it. Finally, ensure your copy isn’t text graphics but HTML. Although it may appear like a copy, a text graphic will be seen as blank by crawlers.