3 Proven Search Engine Optimization Strategies For Niche Domination

It can be very confusing if you are researching search engine optimization techniques on the internet with a whole range of conflicting opinions, and some unfathomable jargon to wade through. The fact is, though, search engine optimization is basically a very simple process.

What you need to understand before you build any website or on-line business is that getting to the top of the search engine rankings for your keyword phrase is the best long term strategy for success that you can undertake. Once you achieve a top position in the major search engines the traffic will flow with no effort on your part and your site will generate amazing amounts of new and repeat business.

So, how do you get that coveted top spot for your chosen keyword? Well, here are 3 well established and proven search engine optimization techniques to help boost your websites rankings,

1. Article Marketing. This form of marketing has become very popular in recent years and with good reason. Article marketing involves writing short 250-500 word articles on a subject related to your product, and embedding links within the article back to your website. These articles are then posted onto the many free article directories where they are read and hopefully distributed further. Article marketing offer two advantages. First of all there is the initial traffic surge as people read your article and click on the embedded links to visit your sites. Then there the long term effects of these embedded links, which all count as back links to your site. The most popular article directories all have high page rank so these back links are excellent for search engine optimization purposes.
2. Directory Submission. Similar to article marketing, directory submission provides you with a great way of generating permanent one way back links to your site. Some directories are paid, but may be worth it depending on your niche. Although there are thousands of directories out there try and avoid anything less than a PR 3 as these offer few advantages for search engine optimization purposes
3. Social Bookmarking. This is one of the quickest and easiest to get good high powered relevant back links to your site. Just sign up with the major social bookmarking services (most of these have PR 6 or above), and create an entry pointing back to your site. It only takes a few minutes of your time but the back links carry a lot of weight with the major search engines. It possible to get social bookmarking software that automates the process enabling you to really get the most from your social bookmarking efforts. I highly recommend Bookmarking Demon for doing this.

Despite its appearance as something of a black art, search engine optimization can really be broken down into two simple categories. The first is on-page optimization where you structure your sites layout and content to get the best results from your targeted keywords. Second is off page optimization which refers to the process of building links to your site to help your rankings.  There are many techniques and a lot of jargon associated with this, but never lose sight of the simple fact that the more back links you have, the better your site will rank.