5 SEO Tips that Get Your Website a Top 10 Ranking

If you need SEO information that will increase the amount of views your site recieves through search results, this article will provide helpful SEO tips.  search engine optimization covers a wide array of topics, but there are specific strategies that will boost your sites search engine listings.  Use these tips to your advantage; you will be amazed at the changes you see to your website’s listings.  Read the following 5 SEO tips, apply them to your website, and enjoy top 10 rankings.

1.         Using Conventional Layouts

There is certainly nothing wrong with a dynamic, flashy, and fascinating web page; it will catch your viewers’ attention, but keep the page’s basic layout conventional.  So, provide links to your homepage, have an about us and a contact us section, and provide a sitemap.  Search engines prefer user friendly sites that are simple to navigate, and users like websites that quickly help them find what they want to find.  So, not including these basic aspects will count as a negative against you when search engines crawl your site.  Plus, the easier your site is to use, the more the search engines will trust it is not a spamming site.

2.         Choosing Search Friendly Domains

The domain name you choose should be related to the niche of your website content.  Now, the domain name choice is entirely up to you, so you can use a domain name that does not have much to do with your site; however, if you do then it could take a while to get great listings, if at all.  Related domain names simply help search engines correlate with your content.

3.         Targeting High Result, Low Competition Keywords

The less competition against you, the better listings you have.  But, finding keywords related to a popular subject can be hard to locate.  This is where long tail keywords will help you get ahead and get more targeted viewers.  If you want to do this, you need to research long and hard.  Start by searching your long tail keyword in quotations through the engine’s search page; the results will give you an estimation of where the keyword ranks.

4.         Optimizing Websites for Chosen Keywords

In order to optimize your website for your keywords, follow these easy tips.  First of all, keywords should appear inside the title tag.  How many keywords to use is debatable, but the general rule is 2 to 4 per page; however, feel free to try and put more keyword phrases in each title tag.  Especially place keywords in the H1, H2, and H3 tags and website content because it will effectively influence the search engines.  I have received top listings within a day by including keywords in my content and title tags.  Do not forget that after you recieve excellent listings, you have to keep up your hard to work to maintain them.

5.         Providing Incoming Links

Use anchor texts to make incoming links that go to your website.  The goal is to get better and more quality links than your top competitor.

So, if you want to a top-notch website with a top 10 ranking, apply these 5 SEO tips you just learned.