Why The Design Of Your Site Makes All The Difference When Administering Effective SEO

Many individuals who are basically new to the Internet or even some veteran webmasters are not aware the way their site is designed is making a great deal of difference as to their ranking within the search engines.  Some are still placing flash on their site which is not conducive to proper SEO standards.  The idea behind SEO is to get your target customer to your site based on the special products and or services you offer within the site.

This is not the easiest to do when your keywords end up half way down the page because of the huge graphic you have placed at the top of your website.  Therefore, many web entrepreneurs and designers alike will ask:  what is the best way to design a site relative to search engine standards and conformity?  The question asks a lot however the basics are a good set of rules to follow and are found below:

1. Make certain you have a clean design.  This means that the site must be designed with consistency in mind.  It also means that there should be no distracting graphics or flash presentations that will take away from the principles of good, classic clean design.
2. The site should appear the same on each page:  You should not go from page to page to find a different format and a different skin.  The sites general appearance should remain consistence from the home page as well as the pages that follow or pages that are cross-linked to it.  In example, if you have chosen a template with a logo and a certain color scheme on the home page then this same look should follow on each succeeding page:   there should be no variance in this regard.
3. Content on each page should be relative to the tab or the subject matter established for the page.  Further, appropriate keywords should be used within the content.  The content must extremely valuable and informational to the individual who reads it with regard to products and or services you offer.
4. Certainly if you are offering products on your site the inclusion of some pictorial representations are acceptable however make certain these product illustrations are appropriate for the content and are presented proportionately upon the page where they are described.
5. Your page should load quickly as the longer it takes to load the more inefficient and the greater as far as you are concerned of losing a sale.  Further construction should include a site that is easy to navigate without a tremendous amount of negotiation on how to get about by the user visiting the site.

By following the preceding tried and fast rules you will be assured of a site design that is clean and effective and practical in the application of SEO.