Social Bookmarking Software – Is It Worth The Money?

Time is money in any business, and that’s especially true when applied to internet marketing. The fact is, that having a great website full of superb sales copy, a killer product and even a large mailing list at your disposal is no longer a guarantee of online sales. If you want to guarantee long term traffic and consistent sales then you really need to spend a lot of time on search engine optimization.

SEO can be split into 2 broad categories; on page and off page. On page optimization should really be done at the website design stage and covers such things as keyword research and optimization and making sure that your sites layout is clean and that you are registered with the major search engines. Off-page optimization, however, is a much longer term task, and it’s here that good search engine optimization software can really help you with your efforts as well as save you time and money. The main end result of any off-page optimization campaign is to build back links to your site.

The reason for this is that back links are still regarded as one of the major determining factors of a sites authority in the eyes of the search engines. Simply put, the more high power, relevant back links you have, the higher your site will rank for any given keyword. The problem with building back links is that it’s boring and time consuming, and many internet marketers simply don’t enjoy doing it. They would rather move on to developing the next site and marketing the next product than pumping out articles or forum posting in order to get back links. Of course, these talks can be outsourced but this can be an expensive task if there are thousands of back links to build and you lose a great deal of control over your sites promotion. It only takes one rogue freelancer to wipe your website from the search engines, and you could lose months or even years of work.

The good news is that there is now a booming market in search engine optimization tools that will automate many of these processes and all for a fraction of the cost of hiring a freelancer. You can start off with keyword analysis tools that enable you to generate huge keyword lists, analyse the competition and even determine how much it will cost you to run a PPC campaign, all within a few minutes. There are also many dubious packages that enable you to post forum and blog comments automatically although these have gained a reputation as being spam generators and are frowned upon by many ethical marketers – I strongly suggest staying away from them. A better solution is to use a social bookmarking automation package. This type of software can automate the creation of accounts, schedule bookmarking runs, crawl your website to get a list of URL’s and keywords and, of course post thousands of bookmarks in a single run. Even the most advanced social bookmarking software usually costs only a few hundred dollars but can save you many times that in terms of time and money spent outsourcing the task. I highly recommend using Bookmarking Demon. At $147 it is certainly not cheap, but with the rankings you can achieve with it (especially for long tail keywords), it is worth each penny.

Since they usually cost a few hundred dollars at most, software packages that automate your search engine optimization tasks are well worth the money. They can save you a lot of time and hassle while enabling you to remain in full control of your promotional efforts.