How to Use Articles to Get Listed In the Search Engines

When you decide to take your products and services to the world of ecommerce, your first focus is likely the development and launching of your website. Right along with that should be plans to get your site noticed by the search engines.

There are over one hundred million websites so the competition to be noticed is fierce. The primary method used by most people that are looking for something online is to use a search engine. Studies have shown that people rarely read past the first few pages of results. Here are a few ways to help get your site ranked higher on the search engines’ results lists.

Produce and distribute articles about your site. Keep them informative only. Do not “sell” your products and services. That comes later, after they visit your site. Don’t make your articles too long. Somewhere in the 300-550 word length has the best chance of being published, unless you are writing for a specific site that uses a longer or shorter format.

Be sure to include a reference at the end of the article that briefly describes your site, but most importantly, contains a link to your site. Somewhere in this reference area you need to use the same keywords that are in the home page of your site. Search engines will follow this link to your site and look for relevancy. Using the same keywords provides this.

What if you are not a good writer? You still have two choices. You can search for an article that describes a site that is similar to yours. Use that article as a reference for your writing. Be sure that you have not copied it in any way. It is a reference only. If that still doesn’t work, there are professional writers that,  for a fee, will write articles for you.

Now that you have your articles written, it is time to get them distributed. There are many online sites that accept articles. Use a search engine query such as “ezine sites” and you will quickly end up with more choices than you could possibly ever use.

There are also sites that will distribute your articles to these directory sites for a fee. These can be very effective and a real time saver. However, if you go this route, start slowly and gage the results carefully before committing substantial resources. There are so many online article directories that you can access by yourself. You don’t have to use paid sources.

It is essential that your site be ranked as high as possible in the search engines’ results. Writing and publishing relevant articles that mention your site is one of the many good ways to do this.