How To Get Indexed By Google

Google is by far the largest search engine on the net. It is actually lager than its next two competitors combined. If you have a new site, it is important that you get it recognized by Google as soon as possible. There are many ways to do this and a whole field; called search engine optimization (SEO) is devoted to it. Here are a few of the often overlooked techniques.

Unless you only have a one-page site, be sure to include a sitemap. If your site is large or complex, this is a difficult task but it is even more important then. Your visitors may or may not read your site map, but Google, and other search engines, will. This gets them to notice all of your pages. Google has a site map tool available but it is very Google specific. If you create your own site map, it will also get noticed by other search engines. Be sure to also create a XML sitemap and submit your site and the xml sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools (you can sign up for free with your Google account). You can create a free xml sitemap at

Blogs are searched and indexed by search engines. You can participate in others’ blogs or create your own. Google owns a site at, where you can create your own blog for free. Since it is owned by Google, you can be sure that blogs created here will be noticed by them. It’s very important to include a link to your site in your blog. Keep your blog informative. Do not use this blog to sell your products, rather keep it for useful information dissemination – over time this blog will be valuable.

Yet another method to be picked up by search engines is to create and publish articles. There are many online directories that will accept your articles. Inside the articles you must again be sure that you have included a link to your site. Try to use the same keywords in the articles that are used on your site. Keep the articles short, 400 words is optimal, unless you are dealing with a directory that specifically wants more or less. Create, or purchase the rights to, original work. Never take others’ work verbatim without crediting the source. Some article directories will not allow links within articles – use the resource box to put in a link to your website in such a case.

Remember that any work you do along these lines will take weeks, sometimes months, to take effect. There are over 100 million websites worldwide, containing over a billion pages. It takes even the fastest computers some time got get through them all.

There are many ways to optimize your site. These are just a few suggestions. For more information, do a search on your favorite search engine for “SEO techniques”, “SEO tips” etc. It will yield over two million hits but will serve as good starting point for refining your search.