Link Building and Organic SEO

Search engine optimization or organic SEO is a dawdling, steady but sure process. Getting top search engine results ranking takes a lot of time and link building forms a great part of that effort. For you to have a successful website and get the best search engine rankings you ought to have quality pertinent websites linking to yours. The quality and amount of links that you will require will be determined by how competitive the keyword phrases that you wish to optimize are.

You will find other webmasters putting their focus on quantity hence attaining numerous links fast. This isn’t advisable because it appears like you’re trying to manipulate the search engines. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines of those search engines that you are optimizing for, to get a clear idea of what to and not to do. When you seek links from other websites, put your focus on the quality of the link, how relevant are the pages to your website?

Does the link look natural? What is the link’s anchor text? These are few of the questions that you should ask yourself when thinking to optimize an off site link. Even though reciprocal links too have value, the invention of software that is able to automate the process has destabilized it. Additionally, do you really want to have a link on a low quality directory page? What is the value that you will get if such a page links to your website?

There are numerous easy ways to obtain permanent one-way links. If you don’t have a competitive keyword phrase, all you need might just be directories, which can also be an ideal source of relevant web traffic. Look for well established and well reputed directories and if possible, you can even ensure you’re listed in a particular niche directory for you to be able to increase your website’s relevance.

If you’re promoting, selling or using certain products, the product owner’s links can also be an ideal link source. If you can get their links, you will be better off. This you can do perhaps by offering a good testimonial in trade for a link back to your website. Article writing can be another way to get several incoming links as well as web traffic. There are certain websites which you can submit your articles to for free. The links will be valuable on the page of the article since the page will normally have very few or no links, and the articles will be relevant to the product or service that you offer.

Write press releases to publicize your new business, a new service offering etc. you may in the end get several links in addition to the fact that press releases tend to stay for long on the web. When all is said and done, ensure you provide very relevant information. Remember that when a potential customer gets enough information to be able to make a wise informed decision, they are highly likely to make a purchase. Just like you would want to link to a good website that has relevant informative content, so are other websites.  Keep your link building process gradual and steady from different sources and repeat the steps on and on and on.

The Importance of Link Building in Search Engine Optimization

It is common knowledge that search engine optimization will fortify your website rankings. There are a number of widely accepted approaches that can even make your website stand out with minimal support from other websites. Why do you have to engage in link building then?

If you are under the impression that the vast amount of resources, money and the amount of time you spend in SEO is enough, then you are making a grave mistake. Link building is very important even if your site is something that has very unique content. It makes your website maintain its ranking and the results would be lasting given that you have quality sources of links.

Do not resent the fact that you still may need to spend more time, money and resources to do a bit of search engine marketing. This will be the focus of this article. Effective ways of maintaining your rankings may have been accomplished by your SEO efforts but making sure that you really maintain your status would not hurt a bit.

It would be wise to make use of tools online to determine the best sites to establish links with. This is because you really need to be selective of sites to link to and get linked from. Otherwise, some poorly optimized website may drag you website down along with them. Associating with “quality” websites that are within your market segment/niche would definitely maintain your rankings and would even cause it to be of higher value.

Have a different mentality in business. When you are dealing with matters that focus on link building, it does not mean that your strongest competitor is always a threat. You must realize that in the online world associating with your competitors will not always be to your detriment. Establishing links with your competitors actually eliminates a great scope in the competition.

Successful and effective link establishment with your competitor could further boost your website’s relevancy. There is a great chance, of course, that your competitor has valuable content that is directly related to yours. It is always a matter of relevancy. Outranking them would then be a matter of focusing on yet other factors affecting your website’s ranking.

Link building is an effective tool when used properly. However, you need to be careful not to link with websites that are poorly structured. Remember that while your content needs to be relevant, associating with poorly structured websites may have drawbacks. You need to study not only what the linking page is but also the quality of the links associated with that page.

In a nutshell, you need to build on what has been established in your search engine optimization efforts. Refer to your marketing structure first and then engage in fruitful association. You need to study each linking page and be careful to find out if the linking page violates any of the search engine rules before establishing ties with them. Continue to develop your keywords and content and make sure you open a door to profitable interaction online. Once you have successfully established association efforts or link building, you can proceed with your cycle in optimizing your website and keep track of your website’s standings.

Understanding all about Links and SEO

This article tackles a much discussed topic in the internet community, more specifically SEO. Webmasters and even clients always wonder on the right kinds of links to use and how they can get the links. We will not talk of reciprocal links in this article, due to the availability of better alternatives and because of the fact that the effectiveness of these links apply to a very small percentage of websites. Here are the major links you would want to have on your website.

1. The natural one-way links

This happens to be the safest way to link build as far as search engines that look at the ‘aim’ of links. These links are mainly based on resources and good content although they happen to be the slowest. If you are just setting up a new website, ensure you submit some of the one-way links to niche web directories, not undermining both paid and unpaid industry-specific directories.

You should however start with a few trustworthy directories although you shouldn’t have over 15% of all your links coming from them. To say the least, these links will drive highly qualified traffic to your website and can be a great bargain. The web directories will give your website a lot of natural one-way links, at a substantial natural rate of growth. The mixture of speed and type is quite helpful. You should ensure you get websites that will profit from giving their users your web content.

2. Linkbaiting (link bait)

It requires a lot of creativity, is not as easy but it’s worth every bit of effort. Linkbaiting is simply the videos, content, images or anything you include in your website with the aim of increasing links to it. When talking of what the ‘bait’ will cost you, it offers a very effective and cheap way to get links. Because all the links created will appear natural to the search engines, it currently has no negative effects from search engines. When you complement linkbaiting with social bookmarking, all networks linked to these links will become even more valuable to them.

3. Paid links

Paid links are ideal for sites that have a lot of content on their pages and have been in existence for many years. They offer outstanding short-term benefits. Because such sites have been in existence for many years, they contain numerous natural links to them. Paid links are ideal for websites that have been established for many years and aren’t recommended for upcoming websites.

Ensure you link with websites whose niche complements your site’s niche and those that are rich in content. Evaluate the links thoroughly by looking at the age. The latest effect as reported by Google is that websites that are found beyond the top 30 in the search engine results page affect those which do a lot of link buying.

Bad links and their results

Outbound links have a crucial role to play in how search engines will determine websites that are in your ‘neighborhood’. Needless to mention, a bad neighborhood will have a negative effect on your search engine rankings. Free For All link pages and link farms are examples of this category of links that should be avoided. Although a small amount of bad links wouldn’t affect your website, just avoid it and ensure your website isn’t associated with any of the bad link patterns.

10 Link Building Ideas to Get Free Quality Links to Your Website

Generating links back to your Web site doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Using the following tips and tricks, you’ll be able to generate links from other sites that will benefit you with additional traffic and higher search engine ranking.

1. Build a “101 Ways To Do Stuff” list – These lists are continually posted on Digg and become very popular. “10 Easy Tips” lists are also a great way to create linkbacks to your site.

2. Become an authority by doing things right – Having domain knowledge in a given niche is a big asset. Grammar, spelling and easy to understand content are also keys to becoming an authority on any given topic. Also be sure to provide an easily viewed privacy policy. This creates trust in your site.

3. Create an experts list – Be sure to contact the experts and ask them to link to your site. If your list or article is flattering enough, they’ll probably be more than happy to do so.

4. Syndicate your articles – Use Web sites such as, GoArticles, EzineArticles, eHow, ConstantContent, etc. to get your articles syndicated and viewable by a larger audience. Good article sites rank very high on search engine pages and in turn the links within these articles help your Web site. By placing targeted content on these sites, the audience from the traffic that is generated from them will be much more likely to make purchases or use the services offered by your site.

5. Trade articles with other webmasters – People often forget that behind most Web sites is an actual human being. Contacting this person could be your inroad to new links to your site.

6. Social bookmarking on tag related sites such as Digg and can generate traffic to your site. If the content of the articles and sites that you tag is compelling enough, people will be interested in following links back to your site.

7. Create links from classified ad sites such as Craigslist. Most of these types of Web sites provide free listings and the ability to link within those listings.

8. Answer questions on Google Groups or Yahoo! Answers – Within your answers provide links to relevant content or resources. Of course, these resources and content are housed within your Web site.

9. Signature links within forums are an excellent place to provide links to your Web site. If you post to these forums frequently, you’ll generate targeted traffic.

10. Create a blog and post to it frequently – Be sure that you use relevant and up-to-date content in your posts. By doing this, you can create links back to your Web site and generate traffic from links that other people post.

These are just ten of the possibilities for generating free links back to your Web site. With a bit of research and effort, you can search out and find even more information on free ways to generate links back to your site. In turn, you’ll watch your site traffic grow on a daily basis and sales of your products or services will increase.