How To Write Content According To SEO Standards

Many individuals who design websites or webmasters are certainly aware of the master plan in accordance with proper SEO practice and procedure, and this is all well and good however in order to allow your site to do the best you also must master the art of being a wordsmith to some degree.  If this is not your forte then the thing to do is visit one of the general freelancing sites such as Script Lance or GAF and find a writer who knows SEO and will work at a reasonable rate.  However that said it will still be fundamentally important that you know the steps of effective copywriting according to SEO standards.  This is because you will not always be able to find a writer who is familiar with SEO or search engine optimization as it applies to web content.  The following will give you a brief overview of the rules in applying SEO general guidelines to the content on your site.

Your first course of action is to perform some keyword research.  If you have been a webmaster for any length of time at all you will already be familiar how abundantly important this is in regard to generating a fair amount of traffic.  Further the more content and pages you supply your site the better off you will be:  this cross-linking as well as informative content will get you everywhere with the search engines.  So rule number one is to write informative content sprinkled with keywords appropriate for your niche audience.  Keep in mind what types of information your audience may be seeking with regard to your products and or services.  It has been proven that sites that provide information that is relative to site users will generate more targeted traffic than sites where the effort is not made in the area.
The second area of concern is the keyword density factor.  There actually are no hard and fast proper rules in this regard:  Do not overstuff your content with your combination keywords.  The search engines do not like such grandiose displays of keyword usage.  The best rule of thumb is to stick with a keyword density ratio of one to two percent for every five hundred words.  This means for five hundred words of text you would have displayed your combination keywords relative to your content at least five times and at the most ten times.  Generally, the best way to write a five-hundred word article of web content incorporating significant keywords is as follows:  Place your combination keyword once in the title of your article, once in the first sentence of the first paragraph, once in the body and preferably in a sub-heading or two sub-headings.  If you prefer only one sub-heading then place the keyword in one sub-heading and one paragraph within the body and lastly in the last paragraph.  When you write your content, write in a natural way that is comfortable to you and become merely cognizant of placement of particular keywords.  By writing in this fashion your reader will not become pulled into all the keywords you’ve injected into your article but rather into the information you have conveyed about your products and or services.

Third lend an authoritative voice to what you say with regard to the products offered on your site.  Write about how your product is an idea application in resolving the customer’s problem or write a review about the product and the benefits the customer can derive from its use.  The main idea here is to write with authority, knowledge and provide your niche audience with practical information:  in so doing, you are much more likely to make a sale when they find their way to your landing page.