SEO Hosting For Webmasters Who Are Serious About Search Engine Optimization

Many webmasters run more than one website. In fact, if you are a seasoned internet marketer then the chances are you run dozens and possibly even hundreds of them. There’s always the temptation when setting up one of your new website to thrown in a couple of links to other sites you own. Of course, this has the effect of driving traffic between sites that you own and so making the most of your visitors. If you are lucky enough to have high page rank sites in your network, then these back links are very good for search engine optimization purposes. Of course, the real benefit is that you have complete control over these links including the anchor text, and making sure that they stay there forever.

However, the search engines, as we all know, aren’t stupid and they have taken this way of linking sites together into consideration. Interlinking between your own websites will probably hurt your search engine rankings and you may even be penalised or have your site de-indexed. The problem here is of IP diversity. You see, if you have a shared hosting account as most of us do, then no matter how many websites you have and how many domains you own they will all be sitting on the same IP address – and that’s a dead giveaway when it comes to interlinking structures.

There is a solution, however, and that is to change over to one of the many SEO hosting specialists. These companies will offer you a block of different C-class IP addresses, which means that, as far as the search engines are concerned, the sites are not related in any way, other than by the links between them. In fact. Some of the SEO hosting services actually split your account over different data centres which means that you also have geographic diversity as well. Most good SEO Hosting packages offer a minimum of 5 different C-Class IP addresses, and it’s usually possible to bolt on more of you need them. When you consider the cost of buying back links or the time involved in getting them yourself, then simply using this type of hosting can actually work out cheaper in the long run, given the interlinking possibilities.

Another alternative to shared SEO hosting is to go to a dedicated server, which although a lot more expensive does offer much more power in term of the hardware and bandwidth available. Most dedicated server packages are also available with a range of C-Class IP addresses on request.

So, if you need to inter-link your own websites be sure that you maintain IP diversity. Failure to do so will seriously affect your search engine optimization efforts and may even lead to your sites being de-indexed as a result. A good SEO hosting specialist is definitely recommended if this is something you want to do.