More to SEO Than Keywords

SEO is commonly thought of as the desired keywords coupled with their placement. While keywords and their placement are important, perhaps even most important, there are other SEO techniques that should be utilized to maximize their effectiveness.

A Sitemap is a necessity for good SEO. Not only is a Sitemap an easily understood navigational aid for  visitors, it allows the search engines to more readily index the site as well as to find more inaccessible pages, especially those not well linked.

Site setup is perhaps even more important. URL normalization, while not necessary for search engines can help visitors return to a given page. Too, they help reduce and even eliminate the number of programming language parameters in the URL which can be limited to as few as two parameters for sites without enough authority. Also, a flat directory structure is best. Nesting a page too deep in a directory structure can prevent the page from being indexed even with a Sitemap. Also, when using a CMS, or content management system, such as WordPress or Drupal for a web site, settings should be adjusted accordingly. Finally, a robots file is needed to prevent search engine crawlers from indexing pages on the site, especially those that contain duplicate content such as print pages.

Links can be as good as they can be bad. Linking to so-called bad neighborhoods as Google terms them, such as link farms, can greatly damage a site’s ranking in the SERPs. However, using the nofollow tag in links can be used when such linking is needed or when the link to a specific page isn’t to be considered an endorsement.

Finally, perhaps the most important technique for SEO – though couched in keywords – is the regular addition of new content. Most dated content will likely drop from the SERPs over time. If topical content is not replaced, the site’s ranking in the SERPs will degrade as well. Sites utilizing blogs or other content management systems are especially vulnerable as the search engines regularly crawl and index pages on those sites – those sites are designed to be regularly updated, and the search engines must keep up to date.

While keywords will likely always be the most important aspect of SEO, other aspects can greatly improve standings in the SERPs as well. Implementing those steps without the assistance of professional seo services can be daunting but can be done. Study the techniques and implement them step by step. And test and watch the results for maximized keyword effectiveness.

Combining Keywords in Search Engine Optimization

It is not enough to select the keywords that will give you optimum results in search engine optimization. Some other factors affect your website’s rankings. This could be your website’s structure, keyword placement or the interplay of keywords in your content. This article will discuss some major points in the process of combining your keywords to achieve the desired results.

One needs to bear in mind that no matter how much effort you pour into keyword research, results will always depend on the behavior of people performing searches. What a website owner needs to do is to further do some brainstorming as to how you could combine your keyword lists.

Combining your keywords and adding some other words to the main ones will improve your rankings. It is because long tail keyword searches are often used in search engines. Give it some thought. The keywords that you are promoting may help in the highly technical and complex world of search engine optimization but look at things the way the real world does.

You may have an ongoing keyword promotion and everything is all set to fire up your rankings online. That is something positive. Apart from this, you need to focus on how people perceive the words to be something of use in search engines. If you have a keyword like “machinery”, you may want to add words that are associated to it and serves your purpose best. You can come up with something like “machinery parts” or “used machinery”, if your website discusses topics related to it. Depending on the market segment that you belong to, you can decide to make the combination of your keywords more purposeful.

You need to make a list of keywords and sort them in descending order. It should be arranged in the order of their perceived importance. You also need to make use of these keywords to compliment your content if they show in your meta tags. It is important to make sure that your keywords, no matter how they are assigned, should reflect in your content and the overall make up of your site to justify their use. It’s a good idea to use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to research keyword volumes.

Discard keywords that you think may not be used frequently in searches. You may come up with just a short list of effective keywords to be able to focus on a selected number of keyword combinations to be used. Your keyword list should work best with your marketing efforts and the general presentation of your website. This is because search engines will be able to determine the relevance of the text or keywords you use and should always reflect on your content.

A wise selection of keywords will give you more room to build on keyword combinations and will result in higher ranking when used properly. Stuffing your website and content with keywords will not do you any good. Excessive use of keywords will result in the search engines decreasing the value of keywords found on your website and is referred to as “keyword stuffing”. Caution should be observed in publishing your website and its content.

Once you have determined ways on how to improve your keyword combinations, you will be sure of the worthiness of your website in search engines. It is all a matter of selecting the most effective keywords to use, combining them with other keywords to determine purpose and applying your keywords wisely into the content. Neglect in this aspect could result in the deterioration of your website’s credibility in search engines.

Why Including Keywords Within Your Title Tag And Headers Is So Important When Applying SEO

One area of which many webmasters are very aware is the need to apply SEO standards to the sites they maintain.  The reason SEO is so important is because it is the primary way your niche audience can find you when attempting to locate you with regard to products and services you offer on your site.

There are many elements that must be considered when administering proper SEO procedure one of which includes assuring the site is designed properly in accordance to SEO standards.  This means there should be no heavy graphics employed, the site design should be clean and easy on the eye and highly navigational, and the content should be full of rich keywords at proper levels of density.

That said another area where you will want to place all of your appropriate keywords which are connected to the theme of your site is within the top portion of the http coding.  You will want to place your significant keywords inside the title tags as well as other areas such as your headers.   The reason placing your keywords within these fundamental areas is so important is that the search engines when initiating a search based on your keywords will naturally spider their way to the top of your site in order to locate words relative to inquiries.

Can you see how a site heavy in graphics may present a problem for the search engines in this regard?  If you must employ a graphic then it is recommended you move the graphic further down on the page.  Flash requires quite a bit of space and can also cause your page to load much slower:  therefore when making your site search engine friendly it is suggested graphic usage be applied very minimally if at all.

When you are in the process of effective site design relative to SEO it is suggested you place the keywords associated with your products within the http coding areas first and then add them to the content.  In this way you will be assured once the search engines start performing a search in order to find your site they will have no trouble in locating it successfully.

Also, aside from the Title tags and headers on your site keywords should be placed as well in the title of your article within your content in the first paragraph, the body several times and ending paragraph.

By following these simple principles you have in effect fully optimized your site.  However, one thing you will want to continually monitor is your keywords.   You will want to assure you have chosen the proper keywords in order to convert prospects into customers and subsequently into sales.