Tips on Shopping Cart Search Engine Optimization

When you are managing an e-commerce store online, you need to remember that your product pages are the “money pages” of your website. More than any other page in your website, you need to be able to make these pages as readable as possible to search engines. This is a very important area that you should focus your efforts on. A mix-up or a confusion of URLs inevitably happens. You need to check on this all the time so that your product pages are absolutely search engine friendly.

It is best that you always keep an eye for changes that might keep search engine crawlers from spidering your product pages. These pointers would increase the readability of your product pages and will help in your overall search engine optimization efforts. You do not want to lose that precious sale so read on.

Try to name your folders as uniquely as possible so that confusion would not mess up with your product naming and the names of the categories that they are in. Try to avoid changing the labels if you are using subdirectories. Always be on the look out for major changes in your lists to always keep it organized. Other stores that do not use subdirectories lose a level of control by not having them.

Avoid using URL parameters on the product level pages. Think about keeping the URL as short as possible. The product name can be three to five words to make sure each one is unique and stop words should be omitted. When using tracking parameters, it is wise to write the information to a cookie and 301 to the proper page.

Always use the product name in the URL and do not put extra words. It is not effective to use alpha/numeric ID to replace the product name. You may have memorized the sequence being the webmaster, but potential customers using search engines to get to your site is oblivious of it. It is good practice to make sure that the product names, titles and product descriptions are kept unique.

You need to always put a sitemap that links to all your product categories and pages. Using a dedicated HTML products-only site map should be used if you have a large number of products. This is one of the best ways to serve the purpose of search engine optimization on your site. Search engines will find it easier to index your product pages even if you are using complex scripts on your template that search engine spiders cannot read.

A 404 page showing up when a product is out of stock is a bad idea. You need to keep the page up instead by showing a note saying that the product is not available for purchase. The occurrence of a 404 page must be avoided at all costs.

Your main focus when maintaining such a site is the effect that the changes may have on the ability of search engine spiders to evaluate your product pages. Keeping your list organized by assigning unique labels or names to each item will help in this process. Confusion in the URL, no matter how subtle, may affect the optimization of your site. For websites of this site, it is not much a question of relevancy as your content is itemized. It is now a matter of showing order in your lists.