Why Including Keywords Within Your Title Tag And Headers Is So Important When Applying SEO

One area of which many webmasters are very aware is the need to apply SEO standards to the sites they maintain.  The reason SEO is so important is because it is the primary way your niche audience can find you when attempting to locate you with regard to products and services you offer on your site.

There are many elements that must be considered when administering proper SEO procedure one of which includes assuring the site is designed properly in accordance to SEO standards.  This means there should be no heavy graphics employed, the site design should be clean and easy on the eye and highly navigational, and the content should be full of rich keywords at proper levels of density.

That said another area where you will want to place all of your appropriate keywords which are connected to the theme of your site is within the top portion of the http coding.  You will want to place your significant keywords inside the title tags as well as other areas such as your headers.   The reason placing your keywords within these fundamental areas is so important is that the search engines when initiating a search based on your keywords will naturally spider their way to the top of your site in order to locate words relative to inquiries.

Can you see how a site heavy in graphics may present a problem for the search engines in this regard?  If you must employ a graphic then it is recommended you move the graphic further down on the page.  Flash requires quite a bit of space and can also cause your page to load much slower:  therefore when making your site search engine friendly it is suggested graphic usage be applied very minimally if at all.

When you are in the process of effective site design relative to SEO it is suggested you place the keywords associated with your products within the http coding areas first and then add them to the content.  In this way you will be assured once the search engines start performing a search in order to find your site they will have no trouble in locating it successfully.

Also, aside from the Title tags and headers on your site keywords should be placed as well in the title of your article within your content in the first paragraph, the body several times and ending paragraph.

By following these simple principles you have in effect fully optimized your site.  However, one thing you will want to continually monitor is your keywords.   You will want to assure you have chosen the proper keywords in order to convert prospects into customers and subsequently into sales.