Frequently asked questions


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization (also known as SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" (or "organic") search results. As the name suggests, this is acheived by 'optimizing' a website for Search Engines.

Why do I need SEO?

Usually, the earlier a site is presented in the search results or the higher it "ranks", the more searchers will visit that site. For eg - if you were to search for 'online dating' on Google, you will get 121,000,000 results. If your site is about online dating but its on page 14,562,572, it really isn’t helping anyone. The top ranked sites are the ones that will get the most clicks. So as you can see, it only makes sense to SEO your site.

Do you use any automatic submission tools?

We have evaluated several submission software packages and realized that none of them handle the submissions with customization and care that optimized submission deserves. Most submission software’s claim to fame is that they submit to hundreds, sometimes thousands of search engines and directories. This can lead easily into a trap, as most of this 1000s of places submitted to are considered FFA or Spam links destinations. This can easily trigger major search engines to penalize or even ban your website.

We strongly advise against automated submission to thousands of so called search engines and directories.

All our submissions are done by hand, carefully selecting appropriate SE procedures and directory categories. The site title description and classification of your site during hand submission is critical and carefully handled.


Do you use off-the-shelf automated optimization software?

We have evaluated most optimization softwares that matter. Though most of this software handles analytical basics very well (like key phrase popularity and similar tasks), professional website optimization requires way more human intelligence and research than any off-the-shelf software can handle. There are various skill sets and accumulated expertise required which optimization software cannot handle independently. All our optimization is done by hand using the latest knowledge based on search engine algorithms and trends. The result surpasses by far what any software can deliver.

How does this all work?

Our procedure is simple to understand but very elaborate in implementation.
The following steps will give you a fair idea of our procedure:

  • Analysis: Seobay starts with a full analysis of your website. Depending upon your needs, we analyze all the aspects related to your area of concern. This is done semi-automatic for some areas and mostly manual for others. We use a proofed combination of some online web tools coupled with manual scrutiny for analysis.

  • Reports and Recommendations: The analysis reports are sent to you with recommendations. These are diagnostic reports identifying problem areas with recommendations of viable solutions. Each project is handled manually.

  • Optimization: This stage covers implementation of code optimization, SEO copywriting and re-linking the site so it becomes search engine crawler friendly. For a full service detail, check out our SEO services page. All implementation is manually taken care of.

  • Link Building: This is the last and final stage of our Service. We will build one-way, reciprocal, three-way links, and get links from Article submission, Press Release distribution etc.

All the above steps are covered on a individual project basis. A team of professionals – everyone working within and responsible for their own specialized field, handles various skill based modules of each project manually.


For which search engines would the site be optimized?

Most search engines, which include Google, MSN, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves and Hotbot, all follow similar ranking algorithms. We optimize web content keeping in mind the basic fabric of search engine behavior. Interestingly, there are only finite number of on-page parameters available to each search engine to evaluate the relevance of a website. However, weight assigned to each parameter may vary, which gives them their individuality. Our SEO effort addresses each on page factor to its optimum level using ethical and safe techniques. This ensures good performance in all search engines that matter.


Do you practice ethical SEO?

Absolutely! Our procedure ascertains that your site content is easy for spiders to index and there are no crawler roadblocks. We practice only techniques evolved after thorough experimentation, and complies to the editorial policies of the main search engines: Google, Yahoo & MSN, most other search engines comply with one of those. Seobay is a search engine friendly company, which means your website and domain are safe from penalties and safe from getting banned by the search engines for the use of illegal, unethical or unprofessional techniques. Read what Google has to say?


Do you offer any ranking guarantees?

No. We are aware that there are several so called SEO experts who claim that they offer “money back” guarantees for top placements. Some go on to claim that they enjoy special relationships with search engines, which helps them get special positions for your site. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Don’t get swayed by such speculative guarantees, as there is too much hidden in their fine print. Its no big deal to get top-10 position with some obscure keyword phrase you would get ranked with anyways, but no one is searching using that phrase. Also, when it comes to actually honoring the money-back guarantee, is when you would realize where the trouble starts.

When you deal with us, you are assured of getting services from a proven team of experts who believe in transparent dealing and ethical practices. Do not risk your domain with unprofessional, unethical website techniques. We provide 100% organic search engine optimisation. No tricks, no cheats or unprofessional methods to obtain rankings. With our proven expertise and time, your website can achieve stable high rankings, whilst complying with search engine editorial policy. Please examine our case studies and client testimonials for validation.

Ranking results vary based on industry competitiveness; keyword competitiveness; search engine algorithm changes; and fluctuation in off page factors. These variables render it impossible for anyone to guarantee specific ranking. Getting top ten rankings on search engines is quite like weather forecasting. You can have all the data about temperature, humidity, wind conditions, pressure conditions, cloud movements, last 100 years' historical data but you still cannot bet if it would rain tomorrow. Yet billions of dollars are spent monitoring and forecasting weather on "best assessment" basis.


How long does the SEO process take, when do I see results?

The timeline for the SEO process may vary depending upon the size of the website and its complexity. Most projects can be completed anywhere between 4-6 months. Sometimes projects may get delayed due to unavailability of the client in important decision making milestones. Broad guidelines of time frames are listed in the specification of each program in our services section.

Optimisation and marketing do not happen overnight. Optimisation can be performed quickly, but then you must wait for the search engines to catch up. A link campaign can take months to help improve results within the engines for mild to competitive phrases. A great campaign can take from three months to a year or more; three to six months is the standard, but it can take a lot longer depending upon what phrases are required and targeted.


How do you track ranking of the site?

We run a ranking report before site optimization at the start of the project. This is done to assess how your site ranks before our efforts and also to ensure that the current high ranking of specific keywords is preserved in our optimization process. The report indicates ranking of various URLs of your site with major search engines.

Once we optimize and submit the site, search engines usually take between 4-12 weeks to index it. We usually run a second ranking report 8 - 10 weeks after submission. The difference in the two reports clearly indicates the change in ranking due to our SEO effort. We run the ranking report on a monthly basis for clients who have signed up for monthly maintenance.


How do I know if my SEO was successful?

In most cases your enhanced website traffic will more than please you about the success of the SEO efforts. If the enhanced traffic has performed better than your ppc (pay per click) spends, amortizing the SEO costs over 1 year, you could say the SEO was a success. It may not be possible for us to evaluate some figures thus related; we therefore post the comparison between pre–optimization ranking and post optimization ranking report to demonstrate the success of our SEO effort.

These reports are very easy to understand and clearly list the variables with respective values that are affected by the SEO effort.


Do you offer any additional customized SEO services?

Yes, extremely large e-commerce sites usually cannot be classified into even our enterprise SEO programs. Very often sites have highly specific SEO requirements; we therefore offer tailor made SEO services to address specific challenges and concerns of your site. Please contact us describing your site concerns, specific requirements, challenges, and any specific query and we will be happy to evaluate and give you a customized recommendation.


What is more effective, SEO or Link Popularity Building?

Actually SEO and Link building are complimentary to each other.

SEO, as a concept, usually includes addressing Link building to boost your site’s Popularity and PageRank. Specifically speaking, site optimization addresses the on-page factors whereas Link building addresses off-page factors critical for your site’s overall ranking.

In most competitive industries, on page factor improvements or link building cannot get you high ranking individually. The on page and off page factors complement each other into a common search engine algorithm contributing their weights in ranking your website well. A well thought out SEO strategy addresses both on-page and off-page factors. therefore recommends a comprehensive SEO strategy, which includes Link Building, to boost your Link Popularity and PageRank and result in high rankings.


Do you offer SEO for dynamic sites?

Yes, most dynamic sites do not pose severe problems from the SEO perspective. However, some dynamic sites are driven through inflexible content management systems (CMS), which limit the optimization of codes on the page.

If your site is driven through an off-the-shelf content management system software, then you might face such problems. However, if you have your own content management system, we can work closely with your programmers for implementation of optimized code.

Very often, the architecture of a dynamic site is designed in such a way that it poses serious roadblocks to the search engines. Our experts will carefully evaluate your site architecture, to recommend changesto assure that the site is search engine crawler friendly.


Do you offer SEO for frame-based sites?

No. Frame-based sites practicably show up blank on search engines. Many SEOs recommend using <no frame> tags to overcome this problem. However, such tags only marginally increase the crawler friendliness of your site and there will be still roadblocks in place leaving out most of your site's content. There are advanced java-based techniques available, which can be deployed to make the entire site search engine crawl-able. However, such deployments usually work out time consuming and expensive. We therefore strongly recommend migrating to a non-frames web site. Since we have web development resources available with us, we can undertake the migration of your entire site from frames to non-frames economically.


Do you offer SEO for flash sites?

As of writing this answer, most search engines are experimenting with evolving technologies, which can read flash. However, there have not been any significant live deployments yet. Macromedia offers an SDK to make the flash more search engine friendly. However, the attempt has been feeble and the results far from satisfactory. Flash still presents a big obstacle to having your site spidered by the search engines and an even greater obstacle to ranking well for keyword search results. Not only do Flash-designed sites typically lack much of the indexable content search engines require, they also often employ redirects from their splash pages, which are considered spam by the search engines.


Why do I need SEO maintenance?

The harsh reality for every successful website marketing campaign, is that some require ongoing search engine optimisation services. Why? Well, generally the main reason is due to the competitiveness of the keywords being targeted. You have to think of it logically, if you're optimising your website to remain competitive, chances are so is your competition. The difference is in the quality of a businesses' SEO which should achieve the desired goal, a higher, stable ranking than your competition.

Search Engine Rankings may fluctuate due to any of the following reasons, which makes it necessary to have a monthly maintenance package:

Search Engine Algorithms keep changing with time as they try and improve
Algorithms changes of Search Engines can affect rankings and would need further fine-tuning and treatment of the site in order to restore or improve the rankings.
Search Patters and buying behavior of people change with time
Market Shares of Search Engines change

Ongoing SEO can also be attributed to other factors, such as:

Continued strive for a higher position
Continued strive for total site stability (helps reflect algorithm changes)
Ongoing marketing campaign to broader branding and exposure
Ongoing performance reporting and analysis
Ongoing page tweaking for ultimate results and stability 
and many other reasons.....

Regardless of how good an SEO is, no SEO controls the search engines, nor has the secret key to them. When the search engines do a major shake-up, generally so do all the rankings. However, there are constants that can be performed on a continual basis to help reflect algorithm changes.

This is the exact reason ongoing fees, especially for ever developing link popularity, can be essential. The more quality links you have, anchored around the web, the more stable your site will become and move as required with algorithm changes. Sites disappear and move when search engines conduct major updates; though, the sites with quality content and stable link structures tend to return and take up their original positions.

Without ongoing SEO, sites can tend to slowly creep downwards in the rankings. Why? Because you are still forgetting about your competition. They are continually attempting to rank above you, and as such will slowly push your website off page 1, off page 2 and so on. This can happen quickly, or not happen at all depending upon your niche and the competitiveness of that niche.