Guaranteed SEO Services

At Seobay we realize that you need to be protected by scamsters and frauds. We are a genuine SEO Company and if we can't attain top rankings for your targeted keyword phrases we will refund 100% of your payment. Period.

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What Is Guaranteed In Our SEO Services?
To avoid some confusion as to what our guarantee means it is outlined below with an example rankings-set included. If you have any questions about our guarantee please feel free to contact us for clarification.

Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization Outline:
At the outset of any promotion the first stage is to determine the list of targeted keywords. Generally this list is comprised of between 4 and 6 phrases.

The guarantee will be met if the following conditions are attained:
Your primary or secondary targeted phrase will appear on the first page of one or more of the major search engines. 

  • You will attain a minimum of 3 top 10 rankings on the major search engines across all of your selected keyword phrases.
  • You will attain a minimum of 5 top 20 rankings on the major search engines across all of your targeted keyword phrases.

To avoid confusion, this guarantee would be considered met in the following situation:

Attained Rankings:

Targeted Phrase Google Yahoo MSN
Primary Phrase #3 #14 #25
Second Phrase #9 #23 #13
Third Phrase #15 #8 #22
Fourth Phrase NA #19 #38
Fifth Phrase #12 #13 #3


This would yield the following totals:

Primary Phrase            Met on Google.
Phrases in top 10        4
Phrases in top 20        10 (Top 10 rankings are also counted in top 20 rankings).
Guaranteed SEO Agreement - MET

What's Covered By The Guarantee?
Once the targeted keyword phrases have been determined and agreed to by our clients and a promotion started, all expenses including any search engine submissions, directory submissions, and other miscellaneous costs associate with the promotion are covered by us under our guarantee. Link building expenses are NOT covered by this guarantee.

What's Not Covered By The Guarantee?
Only those packages which take the control of optimization out of our hands are not covered by our guarantee. This includes link building, paid reviews and add-on consulting services. While we apologize for not being able to guarantee these services, since the implementation of our recommendations may or may not be as we laid them out or pieces missing we cannot insure that it will have the results we would have attained had we done it ourselves.

How Do I Get My Money Back?
Should it arise that a promotion is unsuccessful, will have the money returned in the manner it was paid within 1 week of the contract end-date. In the event that a payment was made by check, the check will be mailed within 1 week of the end-date.

Anything Else I Should Know About Your Guaranteed SEO Services?
While pages of babble can be written for any guarantee we like to keep it simple. We will get you into the top positions on the major search engines or you'll get your money back. It's that simple.

What are your other Terms and Conditions?

Our Terms of Service can be found here.

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