Link building service

What are Links?

Websites are ranked by Search Engine algorithms which place importance on the no. of incoming links (or referrals) to a webpage. These are also known as backlinks. Links are an important part of the search engine optimisation process thanks to the link popularity algorithms like PageRank employed by Google, which ranks websites for relevancy dependent on the number of links that led to a particular page and the anchor text of the link.

Why should I need Link building services?

Getting Reciprocal, one way or three way links from other websites is a time consuming process. You have to choose your proposed link partners carefully, send them mail requests to put up your link, follow up etc. With our Link Building Service, you can outsource this job to us and concentrate on growing your business.

What are the important things I should keep in mind while choosing a Link building service?

The following is a list of Best Practices for a Link building campaign:

1. At least 20% of the links should be from relevant websites.

2. Links should not be from sites built only for selling links on/junk sites.

3. Links must be permanent, free, one way/non-reciprocal and static.

4. Links should contain the target key phrase as a text hyperlink and links should be spread out to point to relevant pages of the website and not just the home page. Wherever possible the link should be followed by a short relevant description.

5. There should be no more than 25-30 outbound links on each web page where link is placed.

6. Links must be deployed over a sufficient period to avoid any search engine penalties.

7. No redirects, JavaScript links, hidden links, Flash sites/pages, or other unethical or black-hat tactics should ever be used. This might end up getting your site banned in the Search Engines.

8. Link page must be search engine friendly, i.e. there should be no redirects, cloaking, etc. Page must not be excluded by robots.txt and the anchor text must not contain the rel=nofollow tag.

9. Link pages must be cached by Google within the last 30 days and not from a site penalized or banned by Google or that seems to have incurred a Google penalty.

10. No FFA, guest books, links from/within links farms. Never participate in any commercial web rings or link exchange programs from bad neighbourhoods (adult or other offensive websites).

11. There should be one link per domain, all from different c-classes/different IP's.

What kind of link building packages do you offer?

We have packages sized to suit every type of business, be it a soho business, small business website or a large Corporate customer. See our packages listed below.

                     Comparison Table for our One Way Link Building Service packages
Cost $300 $500 $1000
Rate per Link $20 $20 $20
Total No. of QUALITY Permanent One way links 15 25 50
Adhere to best practises as stated above
Yes Yes Yes
No. of Contextual sites/blog links 3 5 10
Directory/Article links 3 5 10
Link farm/FFA links None None None
Reciprocal Links None None None
Link report Yes Yes Yes
Total no. of days for completing order 30 45 60

Order with confidence, during the ordering process you will be taken to a Paypal who are our order processing partners. PayPal accepts all major credit and bank cards.