SEO Packages

SEO Package Solution: Gold Plan

The Search Engine Optimization Gold Plan is customized to meet your specific needs immediately.

This Plan is recommended for new sites (less than 6 months old) as well as old sites. Our basic strategy in this plan is to follow a combination of organic search engine ranking along with our optional Pay Per Click (PPC) model. The key thing with all our plans is the level of customization we offer in each plan. Hence except the implementation of our core strategies all other features are optional of which you can opt out if you want.

By following this Plan you can see an immediate Return on Investment – usually within the first 7 – 14 days because of our highly targeted PPC campaigns. You also receive a customized selection of unlimited keywords analysis done specially for your site. never gives Guaranteed #1 assurances because such claims are false and misleading. Doesn’t mean we don’t achieve those rankings. But our main strategy is in diversification of your search traffic through different engines as well as keywords. Imagine a situation where you enjoy a #1 position for a Keyword which is your only source of traffic. The algorithm of the engine changes and your site vanishes from top 10. Do you have a backup plan? ensures that our SEO policy can handle such situations.

The Customized SEO Solution (Gold Plan) Includes:

  • Initial Search Engine Optimization Report.
  • Initial Competitive analysis technical Report from algorithm point of view.
  • Meta tags optimization including title, description and keywords.
  • On-page optimization.
  • Customized keyword analysis to define the best suited key phrases for your business.
  • Creation of targeted, optimized pages for Search engines destined as landing pages for visitors.
  • Image Optimization.
  • W3C validation for homepage.
  • Yahoo directory listing.
  • Creation of a search engine friendly sitemap for better crawling of your site.
  • Paid inclusion in Inktomi (Optional).
  • Paid inclusion in Yahoo Directory (Optional).
  • Paid inclusion in AltaVista (Optional). We try to initially increase the relevance of your site so that all your main pages are indexed in Altavista for free.
  • Hand submissions to the top search engines and directories using our unmatched experience for individual engines and directories.
  • Email support.
  • Submission to secondary engines and targeted directories.
  • Link development and Management services to increase your link popularity and rankings.
  • Link Popularity Development - 50 one way links - free.
  • Comprehensive log file analysis. This will help us in deciding future marketing strategies for your web site.
  • Monthly reports showing ranking progress.
  • An SEO account manager.
  • Optional PPC services for Google Adwords™ and Overture - Yahoo sitematch.
  • Optional Affiliate program management services.
  • A dedicated PPC Account Manager.
  • 12 key phrases optimization.
  • Emerging SEO trend updates.
  • No hidden or Extra fees.

    With special services only available to Gold Plan participants, you get the ultimate in speed and search engine placement. Remember we do not take all SEO projects that come our way for this plan. We like to do Selective and Quality work for our clients. If you want more details of how this plan can benefit your site then please contact us.